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A Dynamic Digital Signage Solution

Seamless, convenient & instantaneous from anywhere in the world.


Be the captain of your content; through the cloud and unto your display

A cost-effective solution

Budget friendly

Works with most TVs and reduces the need to print large items such as posters and display menus. Thus saving your wallet and the planet.

Easy Content Management

Manage your content through an online editor with an easy to use screen designer or simply upload your artwork in standard formats such as jpg or mp4.

Easy Content Distribution 

Easy to use software and remotely manage all your content on multiple locations where TVs are installed. You decide what, when and where your content comes on!

Cloud Storage

Allows you access to your content from anywhere that has an internet connection. Storage can be added as needed. Solutions are often on-demand, so you only pay for what you need.


How it works

Design & Publish


in just 2 steps

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Step 1

Prepare your design online with our online application or simply upload one that created externally.


We also offer design services from our partners at "The Brandless Co”. Do get in touch with us to learn more.

Step 2

Configure the settings of your media. Tell it when it goes live, where it should display and how long it should stay visible. Screens can be customised to displays social media and photo galleries as well. Everything is editable anytime, anywhere.


Let's go

You are ready for takeoff

Actual Lumapilot displays in action


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